Engagement Session


Jazmyn Rose Newborn Session

Little Miss Jazmyn Rose is a little doll! Even though she decided to have a full diaper just minutes before I got there and needed a bath and then decided to be fully awake, haha! Such is newborn life! That’s why we allow plenty of time for these sessions and follow their lead. Anyway, she did fall asleep eventually and we got some beautiful moments! And also we had the family dog, Zarabi join us and it made for the sweetest moments as she tried her hardest to be learn how to be gentle around this little tiny person. She’s a great big sis already! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Mother / Son Mini Session

I love a good themed session and this one was so sweet!  My good friend Ana and her son decided to do a Christmas themed mini session (side note: I have these props available if anyone ever wants to use them in their sessions!).  I remember her son when he was 1 year old!!  Now he’s a teen in middle school (with a mustache even!!).  Time flies!  So happy I got to capture these memories for them.


Kellough Family

The Kellough family reached out to me for a Fresh 48 session 4 months ago, however I ended up going out of town the day after she went into labor.  Thankfully we worked it out and I did a sweet newborn home lifestyle session for them, which I LOVED!  Well, here we are 4 months later for a sweet family session!  And little Jack is a doll!  I’m so happy Caroline’s parents were able to join us as well.  It was a great family session!


Baby Sanchez Newborn Session

Those newborns days go by so fast and everything is a blur.  From getting up in the middle of the night, half asleep, to feed the baby to changing a million diapers during the day.  This is why I love newborn sessions.  They capture those sweet moments, tiny fingers, and love at first sight you easily forget about!  So happy I was able to do this for this sweet little family!  Enjoy that little blessing guys!


Kelsey Morrison

I met Kelsey at a national youth conference that we both photographed as a part of the team of photographers covering the event.  What’s funny is that the conference was in Indiana and we found out the day we met up there that we both live in the same town and attend the same church!  HA!  Small world!  And so we’ve stayed in contact ever since.

For this session we had fun running around Winter Park / Park Ave and then hopped over to Rollins College!  I always have a great time with Kelsey and time just flies!  Kelsey is such a sweet person and a great photographer!  Please do yourself a favor and check her out!  https://www.kelsey.photography/