Verdun Fresh 48

There’s just something about newborn freshness! I love love love these new Fresh 48 sessions I’m doing now! And little Jude was no exception to the sweetness of a newborn. Enjoy this little newborn bundle of love!

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Gretchen + Cory

This was a small and intimate wedding, but the love was truly felt by those who made it out. And hurricane Irma was just a day away, but it didn’t top Gretchen and Cory from tying the knot. Thankfully it turned out to be a beautiful day! The sun even came out. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed capturing them!
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Fresh 48 – Baby Bellamy

There is something so special about those first 48 hours of a baby being born and our lives essentially changing for forever.  There is so much to take in and learn!  That’s why these Fresh 48 sessions are so awesome!  I come in and capture those little details often forgotten as we’re learning to change our first diaper or nurse/feed this new little person.  It’s about capturing the short hospital stay that is usually a quick blur!

I loved this session from beginning to end!  The Bellamy’s are such sweet people and Miss Windsor was such a doll!  Barely even a peep from her the entire time as she got changed and moved around.  And she was one fashionable baby!  So anyway, without further ado.. The Bellamy Fresh 48 session.  I hope you love it as much as I did!

Bellamy Fresh 48 Blog

Ray’s Senior Session

I really enjoyed spending some time with Ray during our session and getting to know him while taking his pictures.  We got to talking about his future plans and I learned he’s a smart guy and has a bright future ahead of him!  And he’s super sweet and polite!  His mom did a great job raising him!!  I hope you have an amazing time at college Ray and I wish you much success in all you do!

Ray senior session

Sister / Sister

So Ana contacted me because her mother and aunt were in town from Colombia and she wanted to surprise them with a mother / daughter / sister / sister session and I loved the idea!  There is just something special about generational family pictures that I love!  I love the bond that sisters share and the love between mothers & daughters share. And Ana and her family have some beautiful and strong women!  Super happy you let me capture these special pictures and moments for you Ana!  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did!

Ana Roman

The Flores Family

The Flores family is one cool family!  So fun and so easy going.  I was so happy when they contacted me to do their family pictures!  My husband, Milton, and Tamara go way back… almost to the sandbox!  They all grew up in SoCal so whenever we get together it is a trip down memory lane!  And let me tell you that their boys have grown into some incredible young men!  And Peyton happens to be graduating this year so they wanted to get some shots of for his senior pictures as well.  So, we met up in Mount Dora and it was a beautiful day as we walked around, talked, and got some amazing pictures!  Thank you Flores’s for letting me capture these memories for you!  Peyton, your future is bright and I’m so happy to have gotten to know you a bit better!

flores fam blog

The Lockhart Family

This family contacted me for family pictures and they’re actually from out of state.  I love when families do that!  I can imagine it must be a little hard to trust that the photographer is 1) the real thing and 2) good.  So I was really really happy when she wrote me back telling me how much they loved their photos!  I also love even more when they’re fun and this family was definitely fun as they had me laughing!  I look forward to meeting them again one day for more pictures!